Apple Watch Hermès

Η συλλεκτική σειρά Apple Watch Hermès κυκλοφόρησε εχτές σε επιλεγμένα Apple stores ανά την υφήλιο.

Απολαύστε το αποτέλεσμα της συνεργασίας μεταξύ του γαλλικού οίκου Hermès και της Apple και παρακολουθήστε το 1ο unboxing του Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour στο βίντεο που ακολουθεί:

Apple Watch Hermès – Double Tour

The extra-long band of the iconic Double Tour wraps elegantly twice around the wrist. Available in a 38mm stainless steel case with Hermès leather bands in four colors: Fauve, Etain, Capucine, and Bleu Jean.

Τιμή: $1250

Apple Watch Hermès – Single Tour

The classic Hermès design. The buckle recalls those on the straps of a horse’s girth, a nod to the equestrian heritage of Hermès. Available in 38mm and 42mm stainless steel cases with Hermès leather bands in Fauve and Noir. The 38mm case is also available with a Capucine leather band.

Τιμή από $1100

Apple Watch Hermès – Cuff

Inspired by equestrian fixtures, the finely worked modern Cuff in Hermès’ signature leather is adapted to allow the heart rate sensor to stay in contact with the wrist. Available in a 42mm stainless steel case with an Hermès leather band in Fauve.

Τιμή: $1500

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